Chaskiq v0.9.0: how I built a Customer Satisfaction engine in 1 hour. 😚

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    Fhew, a brief but monumental wave of anxiety rose over me. I've been working on a customer feedback app for a bit, let's say 1.5 months and the idea that someone cranked out what is my MVP in an hour eroded any sense of my dev abilities.

    That being said, looks rad and seems amazing!!!! Keep up the great work, love that you are building in public and posting about.

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      Hey Mikal, thanks for your comment, and please don't be anxious; I've been working on Chaskiq since 2019 and in order to build the CSAT in an hour I've spent several months building the plugin architecture to build on top of. ✌️

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    This is just a small write-up on the new features of Chaskiq 0.9.0 release.
    enjoy ✌️

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