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Clarifying My Message

Hey everyone, this weekend I launched an invite-only beta of my first product - Shoptopus. Shoptopus is a web app for shops that handmake and sell their own products - usually Etsy stores - to help them manage inventory, keep track of their product builds, and (eventually) receive metrics in how their shop is performing.

I got 20 users(!!!) to request and receive invites to the beta which is really exciting! However when spreading the word a lot of potential users seemed confused about what the app did and thought it had something to do with managing their social media - which it isn’t.

So I was hoping the IH community could help me clarify my message of what Shoptopus is, and also provide general feedback on my landing page?

Link: https://Shoptopus.app



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    If your target market are Etsy users and makers, then I think you need to tailor the look of the site to suit them - Lots of nice images and a softer style.

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