Looking to Partner Up February 16, 2020

Classified Search Engine looking for marketing and growth partner

Lawrence Stewart @lawrencestewart

AutoMudo.io is an early stage startup. We've built a search engine that indexes and search popular automotive classified sites. We're a one person team.

I'm looking for someone with a passion for the automotive industry with marketing and growth experience. This is an equity stake position. I am currently working on this full time.

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    Who is the target audience of this product? Any particular regions or countries?

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      The consumer side the primary target market millennials and gen X. Primarily male. English speaking. In US and Canada. Avg income.

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        Product looks cool.. Algolia is a good touch. My concern is that people buy cars not that often. How does the revenue model work?

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          Thanks, glad you like it. We not using algolia, we're on self hosted clusters of elasticsearch, with some custom proxy/api layer magic.

          The revenue model is ad based. CPC and CPM, which are currently implemented. The second stream of ad revenue will come from dealerships bidding for visibility on classifieds.

          Agreed, people don't buy car's that often, but it is the second biggest purchase consumers make. They spend a great deal of time researching and comparison shopping. I'm currently working on tools like valuations and vehicle data including; specifications, cost of ownership, consumer ratings, to make us more attractive and visible to vehicle researchers. We have a group of users, "browsers", who are likely car enthusiast or brokers, who return frequently, although a small percentage.

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    Hi I am interested would love to learn more

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      I'm looking for a partner not an employee, so that person must bring their own ideas and expertise.

      The short term goal is organic growth through SEO and growth loops focusing on consumers. Followed by AdArbratage. The second stage of growth for the company will be automotive dealerships, however this may be another partner we will bring on for B2B sales.

      The person in the marketing and growth role should be:

      • Familiar with ad arbitrage. We are in highly competitive industry and competing with large ad spends. Our budget is small.
      • SEO
      • Content marketing
      • Focused on growth
      • Passionate about the automotive industry
      • Ideally based in North America
      • Excellent communicator
      • Open to experimentation
      • Blackhat tactics would be an absolute no, and likely result in forfeiture of equity stake

      The equity stake is negotiable. It will depend on experience, expertise, and commitment.

      This is an equity stake position no salary until seed funding, or we begin to pay dividends.

      If you're interested, email me @ [email protected]

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