Legal, Tax, and Accounting March 8, 2020


Manuel Villalba @Red8lima

Who here has used Clerky to establish their company? I would love to chat about your experience.

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    Hi Manuel, check out and see if that is what you're looking for too :)

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    I've used them for a previous venture. Great value. Only issue was that once I needed some legal assistance (share repurchase), a firm charged me what it would have cost to incorporate with them to do legal review on the incorporation docs in order to properly understand the terms under which we do the repurchase.

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      Yeah, I did this maybe a bit too early. I am setup but I am not sure my structure is right. I didn't use their post-incorporate options. I built my own bylaws, got my own EIN, business banking account, and everything. The Articles of incorporation were super useful for those pieces of paperwork to get things done... But I don't have anyone on the team who knows this stuff well enough. I am usually pretty good at learning things on my own but I am not yet clear what more I need. Its Tax time and I thought I would have some money to at least pay a CPA, that didn't happen as planned. Now, I am trying to get all my ducks in a row to understand what I need to do to avoid penalties.

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