May 1, 2019

Climate Change ponderings

Oli Hall @SuchIndieHackMuchWow

It's been a while since I posted here, I figured I would give a brief ramble about what I've been up to.

I mentioned a while back that I was thinking of developing a forum for tech-minded folks who want to tackle climate change . That plan's still ticking along - I've started mocking up a prototype - although I've been distracted in the mean time by building a personal website, to get my web dev skills somewhat into shape. That's now done, so it's onto projects proper!

The forum still seems like a solid plan, but I don't see a clear angle to monetisation that doesn't compromise my original vision. However, I kinda expected that that would be the case, so I've been coming up with as many ideas as possible. In the general spirit of 'ideas are worthless without execution', I thought I might try posting ideas I've had regularly, both in the name of feedback, and maybe to inspire others (I can dream, right?).

Right, to kick this off, idea #1:

Travel without flying - a travel planner for booking trips between major cities in europe, across multiple modes/countries, without flying.

I live in Europe, which has pretty good trains, ferries, buses, etc - there's usually an option to get from A to B without flying, but it might involve changing a few times, and there's not a great way to plan journeys of any length, or across different modes of transport (in some cases the transport options themselves are limited, but that's a bigger problem than one person can tackle!). If it also showed the different emissions for the various options, that'd be rad too.

I've dug into this a bit, and there's a plethora of APIs for this that and the other, but they're all pretty disjointed, many require extortionate licences (even for applications that don't involve ticketing) - it's a mess. There's also a bunch of somewhat similar APIs, some free, some paid, that cover some of the same area. I need to figure out if there's still a worthwhile angle to pursue in all this.


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