Clubhouse finally launched an Android app

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    Too little, too late.

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      Exact words that came to my mind when I read the link

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    Now that growth is slowing they beg the Android users they snobbed to create exclusively. No thanks, I want to reward startups and products that support Android from the start.

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      100% agree. Hard to explain how they can have so much $$ and took many many months to develop an android app.

      1. 7

        Such a startup could have afforded an Android developer since day one, so this was likely a strategy.

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    This is very bad timing considering all their competitors have already figured out this is a feature, not a product.

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    too late? bleh. i deleted the app.

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    I have deleted it. Had installed on iPad. They used the mobile app on iPad without making it responsive.
    Twitter Spaces is good. Don’t have to install another app.

    1. 1

      My feelings exactly. I always had to turn my iPad to use it.

      Twitter Spaces is awesome.

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    Anyone on IH using clubhouse still?

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      I'm actually waiting for some good rooms/spaces(or whatever they call it) to start on twitter now

    2. 1

      Can you invite me to the clubhouse? my email id is [email protected] message me here I will give my contact details.

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    Ah the old " we know have a space for the uncool crowd "

    It worked 10years ago , good luck trying that strategy into days competitive market.

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    Hold your horses for the announcements - ClubHouse isn't available yet !
    For me - it just reserved my preferred user name.

    Any one else had other experience?

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    Clubhouse seemed like a good idea until I realized that conference calls don’t get better with more participants, they get ridiculous and annoying. Removing participation makes it basically just another podcast platform…

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    I deleted it as well.
    Clubhouse is a book example of a fad.

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    It's showing pre-register for me in India.

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    Looks like growth is slowing. I’ve always wondered what their retention numbers look like.

    It will be interesting to see if Clubhouse can defend against being copied by the likes of Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and LinkedIn with their massive existing audiences. David vs Goliath. I suppose it’s a bit like Snapchat and all the clones of stories.

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      It was just hype. I don't think they can recover. The "idea" is waaaay too easy to copy.

      1. 2

        100%. I love how @Brauhaus put it, "[Clubhouse] is a feature, not a product."

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      They can survive, but I think to do so, they’d have to keep it invitation only.

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