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Clubhouse for remote teams (webRTC + jitsi)

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    I am building Tappy: a Clubhouse for remote teams. When people need to talk, our drop-in audio lets them spark a conversation with a single click.

    Surprisingly, National Bureau of Economic Research data months into the pandemic shows that teams tried to bridge the distance by sending more emails—but that didn’t last.
    Instead, there’s a now desire to talk more frequently for less time:
    Teams are meeting 13% more often, for 20% less time.

    That’s a step in the direction of the more fluid conversation, but we’re not there yet: the average meeting is still 48 minutes long.

    We’ve been inspired by the growth of remote work, but at the same time, we’ve also seen teams struggling with lack of communication, delays in productivity, and isolation. We think that a real-time, frictionless connection can solve the problem.

    Zoom fatigue is real. Video calls make everyone feel the way people on TV feel every slouchy, every mumble, every interruption is magnified. Drop-in audio talk lets remote teams start a conversation with a single click.

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