Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces?

Clubhouse has been all the rage for months, but is it already starting to fade into irrelevance?

I did a Twitter Poll earlier today asking the same question as this thread title, and was surprised to see 80+% think Twitter Spaces is the way to go.

Should I use this simple, mildly biased (users on Twitter will surely prefer audio on Twitter?!) poll, as gospel? I suspect not, but for the next week I will be trying Twitter Spaces out and seeing what happens.

I wrote a few more words about this on my personal blog, but would be really keen to hear what the IndieHackers community has to say on the topic.

Where should you start with live audio broadcasting today?
  1. Clubhouse
  2. Twitter Spaces
  1. 4

    The sheer number of notifications from Clubhouse really turned me off from the start.

    Twitter Spaces just makes sense... the audience is already there. Love the product as a listener so far.

    1. 1

      Yes, I had to disable the CH notifications early on, prior to deleting the app entirely.

    2. 1

      I couldn't agree more with this.

    3. 1

      Really handy, thanks @ryangilbert! I agree – I had to switch the Clubhouse notifications off too!

  2. 3

    I believe in Twitter (Spaces).

  3. 3

    I love using Spaces on Twitter. It just feels so natural to the existing platform. You can jump in and out of Spaces while scrolling through your tweets. I think it has huge potential on the platform and could be Twitter's "Instagram moment".

    1. 1

      @matter that's such a smart assessment – Twitter Spaces is to Twitter as Stories was to Instagram. Feels like starting today, I should bet on Twitter Spaces – and just hope it doesn't get killed in a few months time!

  4. 2

    Was excited about clubhouse, was definitely going to check it out once they came to android. Still waiting, I'm not gonna buy a new phone for that app. Probably won't check it out now that twitter spaces are a thing.

    1. 1

      Haha buying an iPhone to use Clubhouse would be one heck of an investment! Shows the power of a compelling app though!

  5. 2

    Twitter Spaces has advantages that Clubhouse doesn't has.

    • Bigger platform.
    • Not limited to IOS.
    • Not limited to invites.
    • You have several methods to build audience. (tweeting)

    I feel like Clubhouse just has the benefit of hype right now, but I think once the big guys catch up, it'll move to the background. Kinda like what happened to Snapchat.

    1. 1

      @BrentDecat Cheers for this Brent! Yes this is what I was wondering too. It's interesting, though that Snapchat has continued to thrive for a segment / user base – they seem to continue to be growing, but none of the people I know are on it.

      I wonder if Clubhouse may continue as the Silicon Valley preferred choice of live audio broadcasting, while mass market goes to Twitter Spaces, or if Twitter will own the whole pie in 6 months time.

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