Codeacademy for No-code developers

A Gamified hands-on learning platform for No-code developers.

💊 Pain point: No-code courses learning experience is frustrating because students need to go back and forth between the screencast/video and the No-code tool where they actually perform the actions explained in the video

🌱 Solution: Interactive no-code tool that works on top of Bubble.io. A new fully-guided way to learn how to build projects without writing any code.
Technically speaking: a chrome extension that works on top of No-code tools.




Who wants to build this with me?
I'm looking for a CTO/Co-founder.

What I can offer?
❶ I'm the founder of Superbuild.io (made $19k so far), so active relationships with my current customers who already paid for my products.
❷ I'm really good with Sketch and Bubble as you might guess
❸ I have a vision of how needs and desires will evolve in the No-code space

What kind of Co-founder I'm looking for?
❶ Rrrreally skilled computer engineer 100% focused on programming
❷ Humble
❸ "Let's do it" approach
❹ More in DM on https://twitter.com/matteomosca_ or [email protected]


  1. 2

    Great idea. Count me in for the beta!

  2. 1

    Hey Matteo. I'm working on a CTO as a service offering initially focused on automations and integrations

    Might be willing to help you in exchange for access to some of your Superbuild customers for my service (as you can see there is always something that is more suitable to code which is why I believe "No-Code is better with Code").

    What you described seems more of a content play with a small technical piece for the user to interact with the content in-situ. Kind of a sweet spot for the CTO as a service model. I'll shoot you an email soon.

    1. 1

      Not that much interested in a CTO as a service but yeah send me an email.
      Thanks man!

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