Coder/Artist/Dad - Launched an app that hit #12 Overall Free iPad apps in the US

Hi all!

Peter from Toronto, currently data visualization @ Ontario government, formerly Sago Mini & Xtreme Labs.

I've been indie hacking for awhile (without realizing it 😉), with some interesting results. In 2013, I launched Draw This App on the iPad app store, without much of a plan, it was something I hacked together over a few months. Almost overnight it hit #12 overall free iPad app in the US and #1 in the free education category. It was a rush, and great learning experience, but I didn't have any monetization plan, so I wasn't really able to profit much from it's success.

Fast forward a few years, and I re-built the product as a book series - a format which I think works better. I put it up on the Amazon store, but never took the time to market it!

Some of the books

I checked in on the books tonight, for the first time in years, and I actually sold 21 copies over the last couple years somehow! Overall I still think it's a solid concept, now I need to come up with a marketing plan. Any suggestions of where to start? So far all I've got is make a good landing page, and post it to product hunt.

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    Kudos to your success @petersonh! It's these little things that make up the journey!

    So, have you thought of who is your target audience on amazon?
    Here are bunch of things I would suggest you to get started with marketing plan -

    1. Do a competitor analysis to get a glance if you have any in the market
    2. Find out where your audience is hanging out. Is it communities? Is it social media? Where ever that might be, make sure to study them and their conversations. Twitter is a great place to read what people are talking about
    3. Clubhouse is the new hype around us! See if you can make content on your niche over there, that might get good traction i think!
    4. Pick 2-3 different channels and simply focus on giving out value through content and that should help you out (If you have paid advertising budget, do give fb ads a try!)

    Hope this helps you!

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      Thanks for taking time to write such a thoughtful reply!

      These are great ideas - doing some more market research sounds like a key idea. I'm thinking of trying fb ads - I like the idea that it can be targeted and hopefully seen by the right customer.

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        You're most welcome @petersonh

        Yeah do try it out!

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