Cofounder needed 👀 Community/growth/marketing/sales 🛀 Haircare tech

Hi! I'm Nat, over 10 years in tech as Frontend/Fullstack.

Looking for a Marketing/Sales/Community/Growth person with the right chemistry to launch something fun and bold together.

I'm passionate about consumer products and I'm building a technology that assists with coloring hair at home, focusing on the US market first.
👉 https://www.indiehackers.com/product/brusha

☑️ Min 20+ hours a week, 100% remote friendly

☑️ Hair coloring is mainly a feminine topic but definitely not limited to gender. However, you must be interested to learn about the industry and ideally be a part of it.

☑️ Understanding of community building. This is a very creative community of DIYers and experimenters, many people dye their hair during mental breakdowns, it has some potential in the wellbeing category.

The project is at the pre-launch stage. I need a co-founder who has complementary skills so I can focus more on building the tech part, and we make enough progress in the company to get funding.

I'd encourage you to contact even if you don't necessarily check everything in the description, but please tell me why you think you can fit this role.

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