Legal, Tax, and Accounting March 11, 2020

Cold Emails in the USA?

Lukas Aichbauer @Mr_LA

Hey y'all,

I would like to know if anyone knows (has contacted a lawyer) the exact requirements on cold emails.

As far as I know:

  • They need an unsubscribe link

Is that all? I think there is more behind legally. Please let me and the community know how to write cold emails that are legal.


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    IANAL, but I did a bit of research into this a while back. There's actually a short list of items that your emails need to adhere to, having a way to unsubscribe is just one of them:

    Note that this is from a US perspective; I'm guessing if your looking at European laws all the above are still good guidelines to follow, but you also have to keep in mind some of the unique privacy laws there as well.

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      Thanks for your insights.

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