Collect feedback and ideas from your users and improve your products with this beautiful lifetime deal

Giving what the users want should be our topmost priority.

But that stuff's hard to do with back and forth emails, feature requests scattered (maybe lost) in Slack or ideas you saw and forget on forums like this.

You need to keep them in feedback requests, ideas (that your users can vote on) and announcements in place, and manage them effectively.

That's exactly what idea management platforms are meant for. But... the last time I checked on such platforms they start from $30/m and go all the way upwards to hundreds of dollars per month. That kind of subscription commitment keeps it outta reach for most Indie Hackers.

The good thing is you can get one of the beautiful feedback management + idea voting SaaS app for just $39 (not recurring, just one-time payment).

Frill User Feedback and Idea Management Platform

Frill is one of the most beautiful feedback/idea management platforms that I saw recently. It has slick UX for both your end and your users' end. When they launched on ProductHunt sometime back almost everyone expressed their excitement about the user experience. It was "that" good.

Not only UX but it's also better than current market options in many ways too. I hated feedback boards. When I saw huge businesses like Canny shipping out feedback boards I exactly thought "what were they thinking?". I said bye-bye to boards and welcomed Topics (aka the good old friendly hashtags) with Frill.

Topics on Frill improved the end-user experience.

Ideas (that your users can vote on), product roadmap, feature statuses (like planned, in progress..), announcements and more can be managed under one roof with Frill.

The best part is that SSO and white label are included in this lifetime deal. You can seamlessly login your product users into your own branded feedback portal and offer a premium experience.

You know what to do

Get Frill's lifetime deal now for only $39 →

So that's it from me for now.

(but hey, you'll find more super deals and how you can use them for indie hacking in this SaaS Deals groups. Join this group below 👇 if you need to learn more about useful SaaS deals. You know, you can also share your product's lifetime deals and discounts when you launch)

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    Hi OP,

    I appreciate your effort with starting this group on IH. I do think it’s admirable and a service to the community. But it would serve the fairness in it all if you clearly stated that this is affiliate links and you earn a cut per purchase.

    Good luck! 👍

    1. 1

      Hi Kenneth, thanks for the feedback.

      I didn't think of adding a sentence speaking about my affiliate relationship because so far I have got nothing from it. I'm supposed to get a commission but that's not the case all I've got is a few clicks.
      Me making $0 from my affiliate posts

      The main goal for me is to share about the software that I like. For example, Frill is something I own and use so are the other products that I shared here. If at all someone ever buys something someday, then I may get a commission as a reward for my time but there's nothing more to it.

      All that said, I'll add an affiliate statement or something going forward. I don't want to make this feel like a dark pattern coz it's not.

      1. 1

        Sure thing, my comment was purely meant as a tip for a continued transparent community here at IH :-)

        Actually, I might have something that can help you out to have better commission rates for your sales (once you’ll hit the first sale). Right now updating my site at https://clax.ai but feel free to reach me at [email protected] if you want.


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