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Com Domains (4900+)

If you remember Treasury, I've collected all the domains listed on ProductHunt. Released the first version on October. There were 1045 .com domains on that list and 4 indiehackers bought it. 175 of them registered again.

A few of my favourites;


Here is the second version. This time I've included all the products even the not featured ones (in total of ~230K product listings) and gathered around 4900 .com available domains. Put it into an AirTable with metrics like Backlink Counts, Search Volumes etc.

Here is a sneak peak.

If you are interested; you can use ih10 coupon code to save 10%.

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    Hi Anil, congrats on launching the v2! I don't know much about domains but it looks like a really useful dataset.

    Do you mind if I contact you regarding a quick domain-related question? I can't DM you on Twitter but maybe you can drop me a quick message.

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