Combine multiple newsletter into one email?


over time my list of email newsletters I have subscribed to grew to a place which is no longer good. I have huge problems to read every email and for this reason I thought about an idea.

I had the idea to build a service for people who are interested in different newsletters which basically combines them to one single email. As soon as you don't like something you can simply login and unsubscribe from the newsletter.


  • Getting one email with all the important things you want to know
  • Schedule when you want to receive the email
  • You no longer have to give your email away to every single company
  • Subscribe to newsletters you are interested in and unsubscribe any time through a simple dashboard

I have already built something and I would like to test it and see how good it works. It will probably take me a few more weeks to build a final product which can be used in a private beta.

What do you guys think about the idea and are you interested in it?

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    This unique newsletter would then be very long if it combines every newsletter you've subscribed to, wouldn't it? And how would the scheduling work, if each newsletter has its own launching/sending date?
    Just curious questions, I think the idea itself is interesting

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      Thank you for your questions and curiosity.

      You are right, each newsletter has his own Schedule. I would say you can schedule to get it weekly or more often if there is enough "news" for you. If a newsletter gets published on Monday and you have scheduled to get an email each Sunday you would be a week behind. Currently I have not a great solution to it. One solution might be to see it directly on a "newsletter feed" through your account. But I'm not sure about it.

      Yes it could be a very long newsletter. I have a few ideas to prevent this and I'm not sure where to go.

      1. Usually most newsletters for marketing purpose can be cut to the most important things. The email could still be pretty long but that is something which depends mostly on how many subscriptions you have. So it might be something to look into when people use it otherwise I'm not sure about how big this might be a problem.
      2. The email could have a short teaser for each newsletter you subscribed to, so you could click on a link to read the full newsletter from xyz on the website in your "feed". It could even go further...the website could offer a API for companies where people can subscribe through. So you would no longer need to give each company your email.

      I'm not sure where to go from here, I have this idea for a few weeks but I feel a little bit stuck. I'm not sure if someone needs it and if someone needs it, I'm not sure if this is the right way to tackle it.

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