Coming back after 2 weeks feels like Christmas morning

I don't think I've ever been able to say that about a job, but now that I'm working for myself and building something that matters to me, I'm so excited to be at my desk.

I know that not every day will be like this, but man it feels good to have gotten here finally.

What gets you excited about your work?

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    Really cool that is how it should be, right?
    I am really excited about using technology (especially serverless architectures) and build products for solving problems 🙂

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      Thank you for sharing Sunny, this sounds super exciting!

  2. 1

    I feel you.

    To make a change. Sounds cheesy, but it can be different from time to time. Sometimes I help people building products that help and enable other people do to great things. Sometimes it's working on my own app - which again helps people to create something of value.

    I sometimes purposely stop while being in a flow to just keep the excitement, as I did on Friday. I was really excited to continue working on the problem/solution today.

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      That's such a cool tip! Stopping short of the point where you're getting bored / losing excitement so you can pick it back up and still want to carry on. Thanks for sharing! :)

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    I was really dreading Mondays because of my day job, so made a change. While self-employment has not yielded any success yet, I feel so much happier overall. It's really powerful when you're actually excited to work.

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      Well done on taking that step! It's scary but I'm in a similar place, just got to a stage where I was getting sick from staying somewhere so toxic. Keep going!

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