Commentcarp Weekly update: 9/19 - 9/26

This is my first weekly update post for commentcarp.club, excited to share the progress for last week 😁

✅Done this week

  • Finished v1 of the Dashboard
    I was working on this for a couple of weeks on and off, but I finally put the final touches on it this week!
    Skeleton loading anyone?

  • Client key generation and initial settings page
    Includes toasts

  • A little loading screen

🎯 Actionable goals for next week

  • I need to devise some kind of system to verify site ownership. At the moment I'm planning to go with TXT records, but that might change in the future

🙃 Struggles if any

  • Compiling a list of users to cold email once Commentcarp is ready to be trialed out.
    I've found especially difficult reaching out to bigger bloggers and creators as I keep telling myself my emails are probably not going to be worth their time. Plans for the future is to just go for it, even if emailing them makes me look like an idiot.
  1. 2

    Neat! I like the carp logo, very nice.

    1. 1

      Thank you 😀
      I suck at logos, but I somehow got this one right!

      1. 1

        lol 😂
        good thing you only have to get the logo right once!

  2. 2

    welcome Leonardo 🤩

    i would suggest reaching out to people right away. it would help you refine the product or understand the problem better.

    good luck!

    1. 1

      Should I wait until I can get them to try the product or should I reach out in advance? 🤔

      I have some people who are already interested, but they're mostly friends and mutuals.

      1. 1

        in idea phase:

        • talk to people outside friend circle from day 1.

        • or observe what our potential customers are talking about the problems we’re solving.

        once decided to work on the project:

        • a crappy v1 should be available for someone to try out the product so we know if our assumptions about the problem we’re solving, get feedback and iterate. (this should be the high priority according to me)
        • listen to customer problems (either ours or our potential customers in communities where they hangout)
        1. 2

          Good advice! I've done some validation outside my circles so I'm pretty confident in the product.

          I'm probably spending too much time on the v1 😂, the core itself works but it just needs some other parts here and there!

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