Compelling Copy To Capture and Convert Customers 🤯

Hey guys,

I'm no master of copywriting, but I put together this article, as an introductory course to using 'abusive' copy.

It's a 4 minute read and contains a few 'tools'/worked examples to help you develop this method. So you too can over-achieve your conversions goals.

Check it out: https://medium.com/@spreaduk.app/compelling-copy-to-capture-and-convert-customers-47e4ad47f897

Let me know what you think below 🤔

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    just a small suggestion: just copy/paste the article into here/IH next time. saves ppl a click and you'll get much more response.

    and just throw your copy into hemingwayapp.com It'll show you what to tighten up.

    1. 1

      Yeah I really wasn't sure to copy and paste it all here or link to it, in future I will just copy and paste!

      Cheers mate thank you

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