Competing Priorities


It's frustrating how much we have to get done.

This is pretty typical of startups. We've got so many competing priorities—design, development, and talking with customers. We want to do everything at once.

We want to do things like update our homepage, build up our integrations, change our dashboards, and improve our onboarding experience. These changes have value but also carry a opportunity cost.

Every hour we spend working on one thing is an hour we trade off working on something else. This is important to us as a startup.

For us right now, we're focusing on improving the capabilities of our solution. While we're eager to sell as much as possible, we've got a handful of companies testing our services right now. We understand that they are our most likely first customers and as such we need to focus on their pains first.

This is the logical priority but it's still difficult to have the patience to forego other items. In my case, I'm always concerned about the aesthetics of our site.

It's all a part of being a founder though. You have to be comfortable with uncertainty—being ok with things not being 100%. Understanding that it is an iterative process. Knowing that you'll complete tasks and later move on to other things.

Just because I'm saying it doesn't make it any easier though...

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