Compliant accounting of marketplace payouts?

how do you do a tax-compliant accounting for the money you receive on the company account, where accompanying documentation (invoices, etc.) is either missing, or does not match the requirements of your local tax authorities?

I'm selling a SaaS worldwide, mostly via 2checkout as MoR / reseller, and recently started to add more channels and marketplaces.

"Paperwork" with 2checkout is quite straightforward - once per month they generate an invoice template with all the sales, fees, etc. included, and we use this invoice template to request money from them. Money transfer happens as an inter-EU B2B bank payment with a reverse charge. The invoice amount matches 1-1 with what we get on the account. Everyone is happy.

Now, with marketplaces like RapidAPI or AWS Marketplace, it gets tricky. They simply "dump" the aggregated monthly revenue to your PayPal or HyperWallet account, without any formal documentation at all.

Also, recently started to integrate with FastSpring (as 2checkout alternative), and faced a very similar situation. Despite acting as a reseller / MoR and handling tax remittance on our behalf, they just send money to our HyperWallet account, and do not provide any good formal documentation for the payout.

Accordingly to our (german) accountant & tax advisor, for each incoming transfer we should generally have an invoice with name, address, tax id, etc. as well as a list of goods/services, and tax arrangements.

I realized that in many cases this is not really possible, at least - not straightforward.

Would be great to hear if someone has experience dealing with that, and could briefly share how they to approach the problem.

Sure, the details will depend a lot on the country, how you incorporated and other factors. I'm in particular interested to hear from ones who are incorporated as a German GmbH, but will be thankful for any information.

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