Concept product page to capture early potential users

I'm proofing out a product concept that I plan to start building shortly and could use some feedback on the landing page. https://browsemelater.com

The current goal is to capture potential early customers. Then, get them to fill out a quick 4 question survey to gain a clearer understanding of the initial product requirements.

Would greatly appreciate feedback of the current design and copy!

  • Any points that are unclear?
  • Messaging that could be stronger to help conversions?
  • Questions you asked yourself as you go through the page?
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    Hi Steven,

    Is the point that you get reminders about individual articles, or digests containing all the articles I've saved for later?

    That bit isn't clear, but the concept is very interesting. I just have a growing list in Evernote that eventually I'll clear out without reading because it'll become overwhelming.

    If I got a reminder at opportune times (before bed, first thing in the morning, over lunch etc), then that would be great!

    It's a good concept, and an excellent and concise landing page. Once you've focused the copy to answer my first question, I reckon you're on to a winner.

    I hope this helps


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      I have both features in my wider scope roadmap which is likely the cause for it being unclear. However, my current plan is to start with the digest reminder for the MVP so I should focus on that.

      My reasoning is that if you get a reminder with a few choices to catch up on, you're more likely to grab one. With a reminder for a single article, there's a higher chance to pass if you're not interested in that article at that time.

      Later I planned to offer the individual reminders, possibly at a higher tier, with a few other features.

      I'll do some tweaking to clear up those two sections.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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    Hi Steven. I really like this concept and especially that articles will drop off the reminder in time.

    I'm doing free first impression videos this week and went ahead and did one for you. Hope you find it helpful. - https://www.loom.com/share/bd31b961be45405e9be0918038eecc38

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      @JoshMacFarlane thank you for spending time checking out Browse Me Later and for all of the great feedback! A lot of good points that I'll be putting into action as I continue to work through messaging.

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