Connect to Firestore, Upload files to Google Cloud Storage & more - DronaHQ Updates

Hey IHers!

This week, DronaHQ introduces support to integrate new APIs and Databases, and enhance experience working with GraphQL APIs.

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🌟 New Release:

  • Import open API 3.0/Swagger docs: Upload Swagger or Open API 3.0 JSON file and auto-create APIs once you have added the connector. This will make life easier for people to add services from established third party SaaS products.

📎 API & DB Connectors:

  • Firestore: Integrate Firestore with DronaHQ to build a custom user interface on top of your data in a matter of minutes. The integration enables you to read and write to your Firestore Collections, and use query actions to Get Data, save data, delete data based on the key and even use Query to get data.
  • Google Cloud Storage: Upload files to google cloud storage (file storage). Easily build apps while using the capabilities of the Cloud Storage to optimize response times, customize data storage, build disaster recovery plans.

🔧 Enhancements:

  • Customize Rows in Tablegrid: Enable conditional formatting of column data and row data.
  • GraphQL Integration: GraphQL API connector now supports keyboard shortcuts to run queries. Users can see Schema/Introspection on the right panel at the time of configuration. Suggestions from introspection in the query editor.
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