Landing Page Feedback August 25, 2020

Connect with users before you launch! I'll build your email collection landing page for free 🙌

Krupali @krupali

Since hosting the first everypage event and sharing our latest blog post, I've been in touch with many teams who are in the early stages of their product development. All of these teams have realised the need for a pre-launch landing page, maybe just to share info on their product or even to give interested readers the opportunity to sign up for early access. I've really enjoyed helping these teams to start interacting with real users 🎉.

This made me think that there must be many other Indie Hackers out there in a similar position. If you're building your MVP or even just have an idea for a product, you'll need a page where interested potential users can read more about your product and even sign up to hear more.

If you're interested in getting a page built, just set up a 15 min call with me where we'll cover the basic info I require to get your page up and ready to collect emails. I'll confirm with you on the call about how soon I can get the page up, it won't be much longer than a few days - just depends on my capacity closer to the date 😊.

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