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Consistency is Key - Find a Way! #NoCode

I wanted to do EVERYTHING in the beginning to make my product huge. Every feature that came to mind I wrote it down. Helping veterans means everything to me. I thought the more I put out there the better. Something would eventually stick. After a year of listening to different podcasts such as IndieHackers, Startups for the Rest of Us, and This Week In Startups I realized what needed to be done. Just build a MVP! Make it simple and share it.

I'm using Bubble to do exactly that. I am going to share my journey. I have very little knowledge about how to code so I turned to no code. I just want to put a product out there. The community on Twitter is fantastic! If I had to sum up their advice in one sentence, "Consistency is key." Keep grinding and find a way to get it done. I hope this motivates you. Don't let others intimidate you. Some of the best Bubble users out there love helping newbies.

Get after it!

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    Keep it up mate. Not a coder myself, so posts like these motivates me to build something out of no code. Let's see.

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