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Here's my new website. I haven't deployed it to master yet, and wanted to get some feedback before I update the domain name. Is it clear what service Cecil Agency is offering?

I'm the founder of Cecil Agency, a company that specializes in using docs as marketing for technical stake-holders. The best way to get developers interested in your product is to have them build something with your API. That doesn't happen unless you're providing the end-user with approachable documentation.

I created Cecil Agency because there aren't enough resources about content marketing tailored to technical startups. When I was working on my previous startups, no one explained to me the importance of creating content for people like me- programmers who spend their weekends pouring over Linode documentation and creating something cool to show off to my friends. Months later, I would convince my employer to use Linode. Why? Because I've already used their product for one my side projects and enjoyed the user experience.

My goal is to help more technical startups, reach out to their future customers, with clear documentation and engaging "Getting Started" projects.

Thank you, and I'm looking forward to your feedback!

PS: I'm hiring a part-time technical writer, and a email conversion writer. Please DM me if you're interested in either position.

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    hey @pkafei congrats on launching on your new website. I really loved the colors and the sections!

    The purpose of your work was clear to me: you can help me improve my company documentation, even if it means helping me get started.

    Something that was not clear to me on your Learn how to improve your docs section was: does that help involve working with the company developers as well? Or is the training for the non-developers in the company?

    Some feedback:

    • I loved the question 'Do Your Docs Make Developers Smile?', it's a good way to get hooked into your services! I would make the subtitle a bit more actionable, though. For example, Learn how to write useful and up-to-date documentation that are crucial to improve your developer team productivity.
    • I would change the newsletter button to 'Sign up to our newsletter'. I didn't get the + button?
    • On your 'Learn how to improve your docs' section, I think you can say 'check out our express documentation service section below'.
    • On your 'express documentation' section, you can say something like 'Choose the premium audit if you want to clean up your docs, but don't know where to start.' And 'Choose the Documentation Starter Kit' if you want to improve your existing documentation', something along those lines.
    • You have some blog posts at the bottom but maybe you can add a link to your blog as well?

    Let me know what you think! Good job :)

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      Thanks @steff for the thoughtful feedback.

      The Learn How to Improve Your Documentation section refers to the Express Documentation section and the free webinars and classes I'll be providing throughout the year.

      I'm not sure how often I'll be holding these classes and which platform I should use- Youtube or Twitch. Also still exploring what specifically startups struggle with when they are faced with creating and maintaining documentation.

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        awesome, sounds like you have a good plan :) let me know if I can help with anything else :)

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