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Creating content isn’t the first goal of a content marketer but getting maximum business value from the minimum content effort is.

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💡 1. Personalized Email Subject Lines To Grab Attention

Making your subject line as personalized as possible is one of the ways of getting your email read by the recipients.

Here’s how to personalize the subject line:
personalize email subject lines

1/ Try with including their first name at the beginning

What if you can’t find their name?

Look for a company or product name.

That way, they’re more likely to be interested in your email.

2/ Play into your prospect’s ego

Another way to stand out is by doing a little bit of research about the person.

For example, look for their recent activities such as:

  • Published a new book
  • Written an article
  • Launched a new product, etc.
  • Try to include that in your subject line.

👉 Insights from Siege Media

💡 2. How To Segment Your Homepage When You Have Multiple User Types [Lessons From ActiveCampaign]

When you have multiple target audience profiles, it becomes difficult to optimize the website’s home page.


Because your home page is generally the most visited page of the site and you cannot have multiple home pages for each audience type.

In that case, how to segment the homepage for different user types & better conversions?

Let’s have a look at the Home page of ActiveCampaign →

Homepage design of activecampaign
Just below the above-the-fold section, the home page is segmented into 3 three different types such as:

  • Ecommerce Business
  • B2C Companies
  • B2B Companies

And by clicking on any of these business types, you’ll get redirected to the specific landing page.

For example, if you click on learn more (under the eCommerce), you’ll be redirected to the eCommerce marketing automation page.

This approach guides the users to visit the most relevant landing page. As a result, clear user flow and better conversion.

To take this approach further, ActiveCampaign has also segmented the home page by buyers’ journey.

Reach & engage
Nurture & educate
Convert & close
Support & grow
The application of email marketing software to reach and engage the audience will be different from converting and getting sales.

👉 Action Items

  • 1/ When you have multiple audience types, segment the home page by user types, product use cases, or buyers’ journeys.

  • 2/ Connect each section to a specific landing page to give a more personalized experience to the users.

  • 3/ Track each click and visits from the segmentation

  • 4/ Set conversion goals in Google Analytics to track the performance of specific landing pages

👉 Insights From Content Marketing VIP

💡 3. One Golden Copywriting Tip: Use Words That People Use In Everyday Life

In copywriting, the goal is not to sound smart but to sound clear and natural.

Therefore remove those fancy/ landing page words from the copy.

An example →
copywriting tips
Here are some of the common ‘landing page words’ you need to avoid:

  • Unlock
  • Unleash
  • Enhance
  • Exceed
  • Empower
  • Supercharge, etc.

👉 Insights From Marketing Examples (Click To Learn 16 More Cool Copywriting Tips)

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