July 31, 2020

Converting the "unconfirmed" emails. Is double opt-in just a convention?

John Yeung @jhlyeung

More than half of the limited subscriber base for my newsletter (https://knowledgeartist.org/) are "unconfirmed".

I am using ConvertKit and they don't allow sending broadcast emails to unconfirmed emails.

Are there easy ways to convert the unconfirmed emails? It would seem to be a waste to not be able to reach them.

Or are there good reasons why I shouldn't be trying to convert them?

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    In Canada, as well in other jurisdictions, double opt-in is a legal requirement, yes.

    But more importantly than that, it's a good idea! Sending emails to users who haven't confirmed from their inbox is a great way to drastically lower your opens and clicks, which can be considered a signal to spam analysis tools that your email is garbage and that nobody wants it. You want to tightly focus your marketing onto qualified leads who are likely to proceed down your funnel. It's a better use of your time.

    (Even more importantly than that, it's a good idea ethically. You want to distance yourself as far from possible from list-buying spammers, yeah? Double opt-in is the way to go!)

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    If you mean subscribing users to newsletters or email updates, isn't double opt-in required by most privacy and antispam regulations across the world?

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      Yeah that is my question. Is it a legal requirement?

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    ConvertKit is trying to protect themselves from sending spam but there is no good reason for Knowledge Artist to even be attempting email confirmation. Uclusion has to confirm emails because its a collaboration tool but even we have been advised to only require it when absolutely necessary because it adds a step to onboarding.

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      Thanks, David! This is helpful. Agreed that adding a step to onboarding seems like unnecessary waste unless there are good reasons to do so.

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