Could Web 3.0 offer a way for us to credit fan labor?

Lately, I've been running down the rabbit hole of thinking about fandom, fan labor and fan communities.

I'm a naturally curious, yet skeptical person (blame the journalism background)— I want to understand why, how it works, who has created it and who has profited off of it before going full-force into it.

One thing that has me excited for the possibilities and opportunities in Web 3.0 is the opportunity for us to truly give credit to fans who partake in fan labor.

Fan labor is the unpaid labor often generated by passionate folks created through participation in fan activities.

These fan activities have created tons of value not only to their larger fandoms and communities — but unfortunately, this activity has often been taken advantage of on behalf of brands. Largely, because these fan activities generate community, a large amount of internet traffic + even brand value and participation.

What makes me think — how could those who partake in Fan Labor can benefit through Web 3.0?

Could tokenization further provide opportunity for fans and acknowledgment in the fan activities that they do? I explored this in a blog post here

Curious to get your thoughts + how we can think of this in a new light.

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