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If you watch news you will see horrific experiences coming from third world countries. These wicked experiences I believe is there because there is a self-centered leadership and systematic failure of governance. For decades, people have believe these politicians but they usually end same way. I believe we can use technology to empower people and get them off on overdependence on non working governments and systems. So...

We are on a mission to teach and empower third world countries, starting from Africa. Our mandate is simple; teach them to fish.

Do you have a course on the following niches? Making money online, SEO, content marketing, legal web scraping, affiliate marketing, traffic generation, programing languages, video editing, Android and IOS development, data analysis, advance Microsoft office suite, advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. E-commerce and management.

We are open to talk with you. I will happy to lead a partnership with you if you are willing to help teach third world countries "how to fish". If this make sense to you, am available on Skype: Chima.iheanyi

Thank you for stopping by.

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    Hey @LetMego,

    I'm launching a course creator platform called Tutorpass in a couple of months which will have some free "how to fish" content. Check it out at https://www.tutorpass.io/ and shoot me a message if you would like to learn more.

    Look forward to your reply.

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      Sure. I would like to know more. drop email to admin at weewin dot site

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    Hello @LetMego

    I am a course creator who mainly focuses on topic of Android Development.

    Previously I taught students in physical bootcamps and also gathered some classrooms online on Google Classroom and Slack.

    I worked with non-profits and social-entrepreneurs to make education accessible to people from different backgrounds.

    I worked with Re:coded (www.re-coded.com) and taught Android development to a classroom of students who are affected from war and other conflicts.

    I am really interested in working with you to provide education to all developing countries and Africa.

    Let's chat and see what could be done and how we can possibly cooperate!

    You can reach out to me via here or Twitter (twitter.com/safaorhanEN) to schedule a face-to-face meeting.

    Looking forward to your reply,


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      Hi @safaorhan,

      Am glad to meet you here. From what you said, you are who we are looking for. I will hook up for a chat.


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    Hi mate,
    I feel like what you are talking about here would require the resources of something huge, like for example Khan academy has done. But this has taken them many years and lots of people and time.

    To do it otherwise may be difficult to get quality courses.

    I would wonder if you are able to team up into a bigger organization, perhaps with your mayor , politicians or NGO's and contact large education providers, like for example Udemy and look for ways to bring affordable courses to your country or community.

    But something that might be even easier, is to simply start with one particular area, for example Programming, or whatever you choose. Build up a community of students on your side while finding one source of a good courses on the other side. And keep expanding out laterally, for organic natural growth into other areas.

    It's difficult to solve very large problems like you are describing with limited resources and broad requests. Its easier to solve them with more people and specific requests. But I wish you much success.

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      Hello @innov8or,

      Thanks a million time for seeing my heart. You must be a kind man. Indeed, it has never been easy, but we believe on our assignment. We shall be there with time.

      Don't forget to support us with resources you feel we can benefit from.

      I appreciate your time Pete.


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