Courtland, will Indie Hackers ever be open sourced?

Maybe it’s a crazy dream of mine, but in my opinion this would help out a ton and more bugs and features would be fixed/added if indiehackers.com was open sourced on a platform such as Github or Git Lab.

Now, I know this would be a big task to accomplish, and would be a huge burden to hold. Being a the lead Open Source-r on a project isn’t the easiest thing to handle in the world.

Maybe some Indiehackers on here would be interested in the job?

Anyways, this has just been something on my mind lately and I thought I should put my thoughts to words.

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    The best thing you can do to contribute to Indiehackers is to focus on your business and share learnings here with other Indiehackers.

    By comparison, fixing bugs for free, of a website owned by a $100 billion company, is a very poor use of your valuable time!

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      hahaha so true! neat perspective!

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    I can imagine a lot being contributed on the code front

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      Yep, that would be great, but a tough thing to deal with... I’m sure there would be some indiehackers here though that could apart of the OSS team 🤷‍♂️

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    Probably not, no business benefit for Stripe to open source it and potentially lots of downsides.

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    I can imagine some clones would pop up as a result. I've been hesitant to open source some of my projects due to this.

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      There isn't much tech here that doesn't exist as a generic CMS website, you can probably customize even a WP system with a few plugins to get the same thing.

      It's different when there is like a backend system that solves something novel/new, but this is "just" a common content site in a way :shrug: IMHO

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        Oh definitely, this could easily be accomplished by most forum scripts.

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      I see what you mean - this could be a reason..

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