Design and UX September 14, 2020

Create Better UX Design Portfolio

Firatcan DOGAN @NoFunnyMan

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re doing well. Couple of weeks ago, one of my friends asked how to create a UX portfolio. So, I started curating best resources and examples for her.

First of all, I’m not an expert on UX design. But, I can clearly say I have some level of knowledge.

Which I use on a day to day basis in my job.

I realized it can be hard to understand the difference between a good and bad portfolio. Because usually the problem is not visual.

So, I decided to write 3 tips on 3 most common mistakes. I want to share those tips and curated learning paths with you.

For making it easier to create a better portfolio. I hope this helps beginners out there.

You have limited time, be concise.

No hiring manager will spend hours in your portfolio. Make them sure, they’re in the right place.

Be Concise

Hiring Managers Have Mental Models Too.

If you’re in UX business, for sure you know about mental models. Every hiring manager has them too. Because they’re human.

You’re building your portfolio for a hiring manager. So...

Your User = Hiring Manager

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel this time. There are tons of great portfolios out there. Use existing mental models.

Hiring Managers Have Mental Models Too.

Find the Sweet Spot

Don’t blast thousands of words. Or don’t just show pretty pictures. There is a sweet spot right in the middle.

Tell the most important part of your work, the insights you come up with and your part in the project. That’s the sweet spot.

If you can show tangible numbers. Like, “this increased conversion 15%”.
Find the Sweet Spot

Curated Path for Creating the Best Portfolio

I hope you like this. So, here’s the learning path I curated for my friend. You can use it as well.

Curated Learning Path for Creating Better Portfolios

Hope it helps you to create better portfolios.

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