Created a tool that collects REAL businesses/people problems

TL;DR here it is - link

I'd love to have any feedback from you.


To understand what kind of business I may make I need to know about struggles people or businesses have. I might ask them directly or have some business myself. Or, think about what bothers me and solve my pains. But not a lot of my problems are important to others. So it worth looking at what others are complaining about.

I used to search for difficulties people have on Reddit. I typed "I struggle with", "how can I automate", "is there is a better software" and so on. I was getting some results, Reddit search doesn't give you only the relevant data. But there were some problems sometimes I could find.

I thought about automating it by fetching the latest posts from Reddit as soon as they created, filter them through some algorithm, and put the information into a database if that was what I need - people's complaints about something.


I used a natural language processing neural network to do the filtering. I was training it for the past several months - there is a lot of cases where "I want to automate" can refer to a game, for example. When the model started extracting relevant text, I created a website where all of the data can be shown.

Types of problems

The tool extracts:

  • automation requests("how to automate my workflow", "is there a way to sync my shop inventory faster?", "I extract a lot of data manually, any way to simplify this task?")
  • problems("I find it hard to ...", "my business struggles with ...", "I'm tired of doing ...")
  • software-related("my business uses X but it's slow and pricey, does anybody know any other options?", "I can't do X with this app", "I look for the software that can do X, Y, and B for my restaurant business. I didn't find anything")

Try the tool
How to work with the data

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