Landing Page Feedback March 22, 2020

Created a Webapp that lists safe places to visit during this pandemic.

Vamsi @vamsi7

Hey guys, as the title says I have created a webapp that lists safe places to visit during COVID19 Pandemic. Would love to get your feedback. here's the link: Como?utm_source=IH

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    I think the idea is nice I do like it - I would use less aggressive (family safe) language though. I wanted to share it with my family but wasn't comfortable doing so :-)

    Also, if you could show more info on why visiting a country or city isn't advised that would help - e.g. 8500 infected, 200 deaths, forced stay at home..etc.

    All the best!

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    If you've visited, kindly spread the word ;). Also I can opensource the code if you guys like (I've used preact and netlify)

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    appreciate the follow here on IH!

    fun landing page... language was interesting.

    also, what's your source data?

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      Hey, no problem! What do you mean by source data?

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        ... how do you know if it's safe to visit those places? where are you getting your data from?

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          Haha I think you didn’t explore the search bar. The whole page is just for covid awareness, you enter any place it tells you to stay home. It got viral in the first few days(around 7m visits in 4 days). You can read about it’s crazy journey here

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            oh. you totally got me.


            i was like... what.

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