Created an app to manage daily goals to keep motivation up

Hey, guys. New to the community, but I would like to share an application that I created to manage daily goals, e.g cycling, study, take a break, and so on, in an aesthetic, simple, and secure way.

Here's the app in Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dailly.dailly

And the code, cause it's Opensource https://github.com/hydroxion/dailly

Hope that it helps you too.

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    i notice it's made with web technologies but it runs on native? do you have plans to bring it to the web?

    i also made a tracking app, more for manual journaling and organized with emojis https://emojilog.rosano.ca

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      No and yes.

      It is indeed Javascript / Node and it runs using native code, but it has a layer between the APIs, which changes the performance a little bit. The layer is one big difference from React Native (that I used) and Flutter, which uses Skia, which draws everything in the canvas.

      I plan to bring it to the web, but for that, I must implement the synchronization with some cloud provider, so application -> cloud provider <- web. Just a note, I saw a tool on Github that allows files to be synced in a local server...

      That's so cool. The time aspect of your app must have been a headache to implement, I tell you this based on the metrics I provided on mine. As you have done I focused, for some reason, on the emojis, but with the feedback of the users, I expanded everything and to my surprise, it worked, once I get at least 500, active users, after the initial uninstallation that happens when you download, quickly test it and them remove.

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        consider https://remotestorage.io or https://fission.codes for cloud sync, they allow people to own their data 100%, here are some example apps https://0data.app/glance

        the time aspect is pretty simple, just storing a touch date… but the visual display involved some svg drawing for those sundials :)

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          Thanks, I didn't know these providers. I'll take a look.

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    Looks good! How is your app different or better than others out there?

    I love that it's open source btw!

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      What's up.

      Mainly privacy, once I implemented it for myself with two main goals: aesthetic and no trackers, databases, or advertisement.

      The following features are already available.

      • Create, update, export / import, remove goals
      • Track goals
      • Metrics about goals
      • Receive reminders
      • Personalize the color, font, emoji, etc

      I hope to add: re-order goals, add notes, to do, multiple notification, date and time support for notification and sync with some cloud provider, the last one and the card style I'm not sure cause I was planning to create something like Master Card logo, Spotify song wave, QR code styles and the cloud providers drivers are shit for the language I choose to build the app, so it would require a design and time.

      Oh and glad that you like it ( :

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