Carrd July 10, 2020

Creating member accounts on Carrd with Pico


Pico is a low-code tool we developed that allows you to supercharge any CMS (including Carrd) with email and SSO signups, off-the-shelf user account menu widget, and newsletter preference management. This video goes over the base installation of Pico.

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    I really like these videos you made Jason, but you forgot to include the links in this post 😅

    I'm excited to try out Pico, will use it for my own site or maybe even some Carrd templates in the future :)

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      Yikes! This should get you to all of them:

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    Ironic I was just looking at this integration

  3. 1

    Pluses + minuses versus (also has Carrd integration) ??
    For me, with special focus on no/low cost plans for low-member-volume?