Creating my first SaaS product

Idea: Micro landing page generator from store listing

For developer and creators who wanted to publish an application a need to host a privacy policy

Appstore require privacy policy
GooglePlay require privacy policy

Also to use that page for download buttons and show app information to share on the social networks.

This page can be used to show what this app for, show some example, or tell a story about how it already helps others, or even show the best reviews.

MVP_0 https://falcon9.web.app/

  1. 1

    Pretty interesting. Why can someone not just create a dedicated Privacy Policy page on their own website?

    1. 1

      of course, you can if you have a website, but here is the place where you can create one.

      1. 1

        Wouldn't the privacy policy be on their sign-up page? Or within the app itself? Or is that a problem for some reason.....

        1. 1

          you need to have a link to that privacy policy, as I show on screenshots. AppStore and GooglePlay requires url.

          1. 1

            Ah, gotcha. In that case, I love it. What do people do now?

            1. 1

              building own websites or host on cloud drive with providing download links. But that the magic of this landing page service, because you can generate landing page having only appstore appid. Also, I'm planning to add extra:

              • presskit generator;
              • privacy generator;
              • campaign analytics;
              • meta for social preview;
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