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Creating time-lapse videos with lapse helped my clients get more confidence in my work!

Hey y'all,
Time-lapse videos are important to showcase your process of designing or developing digital content !

This helps you to engage with your supporters or colleagues or clients

Say a designer recording the logo design process or a developer writing code to make digital art!!

So i created this app for fellow designers and developers who wish to post their process on social media like youtube, Facebook, twitter, instagram.. etc.

Let me know your thoughts on this and let me improve the gap that was created by large apps with more features and complex UI


here is how lapse works


Capture your screen in time-lapse

( Right click to see the options ).

-- 💻start and stop to download the video instantly .

-- 🎥We directly record the video in time-lapse;

-- 📹 choose the format to export supports MP4, MKV,webm , AVI

-- Choose the quality from 144 to 8k

-- choose the spreed of the time-lapse all from menubar

Built to record directly in time lapse . App loves your processor unlike other apps .

available for windows and mac OS as menubar app :)

Use indiehacker10 to get 25% discount 🎉🎉🎉

Do you show your process with time-lapse videos?
  1. Frequently
  2. Sometimes
  3. Planning to start
  4. No
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