Growth January 25, 2020

Critique My Pitch Deck - VCs / PEs

Simon Hakim @nomis_mikah

Hello IH community. Just a quick question. Are there any VCs / PEs peeps that would be willing to give some feedback on our pitch deck? If so could you message me.

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    Hey congrats on taking one step further @nomis_mikah - I'm working for the largest seed accelerator and VCs.

    I also took the advantage to convert my knowledge from the presentation and slides design into a little side hustle. Happy to exchange ideas.

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      Thanks Felix. Let's try and hook up over Zoom in the next couple of weeks or so? By the way maybe change your 'little side hustle' to 'little slide hustle' lol.

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        Sure @nomis_mikah happy to do so - are you on LinkedIn?

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            Awesome. Sent you a connection request.

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          This comment was deleted 8 months ago.