Critique my site/idea

Hi indie hackers!

I'm seeking your feedback on Debtamine.com which I'm preparing for launch.

I have been kicking around this idea for several years. Operationally it's not as scalable as SaaS so I've kept it to myself on an "idea list". A couple weeks ago I decided to give it some light and discussed it with a friend (that isn't really entrepreneurial). His feedback and excitement towards the potential of the idea made me think I should give it a shot.

Since then, I hacked together a quick marketing website to test the interest. I'm resisting the urge to start working on a backend app. Instead, I'm trying to "do things that don't scale" for a while. At the very least, I'll get a few users feedback so I have more insight into what exactly needs to be built.

"Financial therapy" is a term I've been using to describe it. It's a mix of counseling, advisory service, and with an accounting angle. I'm most interest in the ability to making meaningful impact for people with large amounts of debt. In doing so, I'm hoping it will improve mental state of those stressed out by personal finances. The "special sauce" that makes my service unique is a method to tap into pre-tax income for debt repayments. To my knowledge & research there is nobody else doing this and it has a tremendous impact on how quickly you can repay debts.

Thank you for the feedback!!!
My email is in my profile if you have any questions.

PS: Channels
If you have any thoughts on which channels I should target I'd be glad to hear that as well. It has such a broad market appeal I'm kind of at a loss for where to start.

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    I think this would be more effective if you brought some of the content from "How it works" to the home page, particularly the fact that it's risk-free to try, because your service fee is taken from the money you save them. To me that's a powerful convincer, because people with high debt won't have the money to spare, so why wouldn't they give it a shot?

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      Great point. I should certainly highlight that pricing feature more heavily. Thanks for the feedback

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    I think it's a pretty good idea. People are incurring massive debts during covid when they have limited/no-work.
    If you haven't started any coding, perhaps using a no-code platform might be worth a look. All the best.

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      Thanks for the input. It certainly feels like the right time to give people some help with debts.

      I'm looking into no-code options. I can code but want to see what all the hype is about and if it makes me more productive. I built the public site using https://carrd.co and was pleased with it, at least for allowing me to move quickly and come up with a decent design. I'm not sure it's the right long term solution but it's useful now.

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