Cross-post to medium, devto and hashnode

Hi 👋
Just launched bloggu.io in Beta today so your feedback is very important to me. I've made Bloggu to help me and other fellow tech people to write great articles more often. The quality of the article is important but being consistent is way more important.

For now, you can write, schedule and publish articles to Medium, dev.to and Hashnode (coming next week). The platform has a Markdown editor and will take care of automatically setting things like canonical url for you.

The Roadmap for the next period is like this:

Hashnode integration next week
Analytics so you can better understand your audience
Calendar view so you can build a rock-solid posting schedule
use Machine Learning to suggest tags and titles for your article
share your articles to Twitter when they are posted
... and more
I'd love if you can try the app at bloggu.io and let me know what you think.

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    Don't syndicate all content via one or many platforms.
    Google will lower positions or will not show your content in search results- guaranteed!

    BTW this is a true statement from my own experience.

    1. 1

      Hmm, that is strange. Have you used canonical URLs correctly?

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