Crypto/DEFI Project Looking for a Marketing Cofounder to round out the team.

Hi guys, i'm looking for a Marketing Cofounder to help us grow a DEFI project. We are creating decentralized exchange. We need someone that can take charge of the Marketing and help the project grow. We already have a team in place. 3 Devs including me, 2 Marketing team members and a Corporate Advisor. While me and the other developers build out the platform, you will help to build out the community and excitement for our launch in Q2 2022. This is a great opportunity as we already have a team in place and we are targeting the Cardano Ecosystem where there is no clear winner in the DEX space. You can checkout the project here www.financialswap.com. I look forward to hearing from you guys :)

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    What exactly do you expect the Marketing cofounder to do?

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      Help to drastically increase our community. Social media, twitter, discord. A good marketing lead will be able to quickly grow a community around the project in advance of the actual launch. In the long term we need someone who is able to help grow the user base as well through other channels for example Youtube and content marketing. I have already seen in the last 6 months a few projects in the space that were able to grow their social media from 10 followers to over 150k(I have been keeping track of these projects they are the competition lol ). They don't have working products yet but were able to grow substantial communities around their projects. I hope that answers your question. Thanks for the interest :)

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        Sounds interesting. Did your competitors grow their communities organically? Without any paid marketing? I’d love to see those projects as well for my own case study. I’m a content marketer and only work with organic digital marketing and SEO. I think what you need is a bit above my competencies though. Plus I’m quite busy with existing clients. But I will ask around in my network.

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    Interesting project - the website/landing page looks great.

    I'll refer anyone who I think might be a good fit.

    I am open to opportunities myself but I am working on a payments startup so I can't do anything major till that's launched.

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    Hi, I have been marketing/developing blockchain projects since last 2 years. Maybe I can teamup, do let me know details etc

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