Remote Workers June 12, 2020

Culture building remotely (that isn't zoom happy hours)

Stefan Palios @StefanAllDay

Virtual happy hours are only interesting for so long.

Here are a few practical tips on building culture / fostering connection remotely (try them if you're running a business remotely or talk to your boss if you're working remote).

They come from my interview with a remote company founder (she's been running the business remotely since 2001). But here's the highlights if you don't want to click out:


  • The team is allowed to submit any question anonymously, and the CEO will answer it publicly

  • If necessary, it will also be accompanied by action (like when she removed everyone's phone numbers from their website)


  • They do this company-wide conference call on Wednesdays (called "Walking Wednesdays"). They encourage everyone to take a walk and then the conversation is about something random, like your first car, and everyone shares a story

  • It's optional to attend, so no one feels forced


"We have a Slack channel called REDcognition, where we recognize members of our team for the good work they do for one another. We also post when good client feedback comes in because I want the team to know about it."

Civic duty

  • The company joined an initiative called Make Time To Vote, which is a pledge to give employees paid time on election day to go to the polls

  • They also added an "I Voted" channel to their Slack where people can show that they voted during primaries / on election day

Family and COVID

  • They are planning a virtual talent show, since a lot of their staff are musicians

  • For kids at home during the summer cause of COVID, they are planning a virtual show and tell series (including a virtual bring your pet to work day where kids get to share their pets with everyone else via zoom)

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