Curious about the metrics on a Product Hunt launch day?

Something that we have always been curious about when it comes to product launches on PH is - what kind of traffic they get on the day of the launch?

So we built this 🚀 public PH launch tracker to share our launch data with you. 🏗

It shows our data in near real-time, like # of unique visitors, where they are coming from, how many socials they are creating, etc. on thursday.social. I hope you find it interesting and perhaps useful to plan your launch :)

Let me know which metric you find most interesting/useful!


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    Thanks for sharing! My experience is somewhat similar – I also got around 2K visitors for a remote-related product.

    It was different when I launched a product that resonated more with the community (a site that lists products with their MRR made by solo founders) – that resulted in 7K visits.

    Here's my blog post with more details: https://microfounder.com/blog/launch-traffic

    1. 1

      Yes, the makes sense. I've noticed it too. PH and IH are mostly maker ans start-up communities so tools and posts which are directly relevant to them are like to succeed more

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    That's so refreshing to see some actual data from the launch, bodes well for your company!
    And again, congrats on the launch, incredible work!

    1. 1

      Thank you so much! I plan on regularly posting and talk about how we are building. Team #buildinpublic all the way :)

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