Self Care November 27, 2020

Curious: how many people here are parents?

Kevon Cheung @kevon

I'm becoming a newbie parent in 5 weeks, so I'm quite curious, how many Indie Hackers are parents with newborn/kids?

I'm guessing not that many, but just want to find out more and find people who have a similar environment :)

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    👋🏽 Mother to 5, aged 3-17. 🥴

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        It's been tough, but of course it is worth it.

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      😳 How you manage this?

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        Take one day at a time, seriously. Before I knew it, I had 5 kids and my eldest is towering over me. 🤣

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      So proud of you - raising 5 kids in today's world! You're a champion! I cannot imagine having 5 running around the house!

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    Congrats! There's quite a few of us here: 5000+ members in the IH Indie Parents group.

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      Wow I totally didn't know that - thanks for letting me know!

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    2 littles here. We had them 366 days apart...

    March 17th, 2019 and March 18th, 2020 - best feeling in the world, is being their dad

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      Only 1 year apart - you achieve so much in 12 months :D!

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    First, congratulations for you. My son was born 6 month ago. In first 3 month, my schedule was a mess. Lack of sleep is my main problem.

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        Yes, fortunately his sleep patterns getting better, now I can get full 7-8 hours of sleep.

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      Congrats to you too!! Exiting times! I'll take your insights and be restful in these last 5 weeks then!

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        Thank you, enjoy your time:)

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    👋 4 kiddos here.

    Outside of my marriage, it’s the most important and rewarding work I do. ❤️

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      Waaaa - you rock! 4 kiddos are a handful!

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    I have 4 kids, congrats, you will love them so much and still find some time to indiehack :)

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    I have 2! And congrats!

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    Congrats! Hope you are adjusting to parent life smoothly. Mother to 3 - ages 6, 10, 13.

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      Baby is one month old now and she is crying all day today ....... my wife and I are frustrated! Not sure what's going on!

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        Hang in there! It gets better! We all have off days (babies and parents too 😉 ).

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    ☝️One little boy, he is 5.
    Congratulations Kevon :)

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      Thanks Wes! Are you planning for a 2nd one?

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        Yes, in two years! 😀

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    Father of two here 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 7yo and a 1yo.

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      A sweet family of 4!

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    🖐🏼 Yup! Four: a boy, age 7, and three girls ages 12, 14, and 16. It’s a loud house, with a lot of curling irons.

    And… CONGRATS!

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      Wow, sounds noisy indeed! I'm a little brother with 2 elder sisters, I know how it feels to be taken care of, feels good :)

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    Father of two, 4 and 2

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      Any books that you would recommend to newbie parents? :)

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        Congrats :) I would recommend The Baby Book and Sprout Right.

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          Thanks Paolo - I will surely check these out!!

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    I have 2 kids. Working full-time and working on side-projects becomes harder because of the lack of time, but small consistent effect can still get you quite far.

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      Yeah although I don't know what to expect yet, I always believe we will find ways to make it work. Perhaps becoming more efficient, becoming less lazy haha! How old are your kids?

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        That's true! If you don't have a lot of hours to spend, you make them count.

        My kids are 10 months and 3 years old.

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    • 1, she's 8.
      Congrats mate!
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      Amazing! I'm quite glad I have a girl, seems easier to raise haha How are your boys treating you?

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        Lol, let's just say there's never a dull day. Congratulations and make the most of each day, they do grow up quickly.

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    Welcome to the club!

    2 kids. Son is 3yo and daughter is 6yo

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    Hey Kevon, congrats! I’m father to two kids aged 6 and 9. It’s hard to balance all the projects I want to work on with being a parent but I wouldn’t change a single thing.

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      At the end of the day, people around us define our success in life right? I'm surely going to seek out parenting advice from you later!

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    Congratulations Kevon :)

    I am not parent and even not married or engagement. Enjoying single life.

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      Promise me - you'll enjoy single life as much as possible when you can! hahah!

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        For sure, I am enjoying but my aunts always suggest me to marry. :D

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    3 daughters.. 16, 18, and one due in 3 weeks  😅

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      Our daughters will be born just a week apart then - congrats to you!!

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        Thanks! Congrats to you too!

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    Congratulations! I’ve got 2 little girlies, 3yo and 7 months.

    It’s demanding but very rewarding to raise kids. It’s significantly changed my indie hacking... mostly because I have to focus on high-value activities in the time I do have.

    Give yourself lots of grace, love them a lot, and you’ll be ok :)

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    👋 2 kids here! Congrats on the impending arrival.

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    Congrats Kevin 🥳

    Me typing this while my 2yr old son is sleeping peacefully on his bed right next to my work desk :)

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    Cheers to fatherhood! It's tricky to have both work and family in one roof. Had to live back with my parents and send money instead for support to wives and kids.

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    I have a 5yo & 2yo, The first 3 months are a struggle but after that its amazing...

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    Mom of 2, welcome to the club :)

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      Excited - seems like 2 and 4 are the common numbers!

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    Congrats! And that’s me (2,5yo daughter) and the second coming in January. Becoming a parent is the most rewarding thing ever. Make sure you take enough time to enjoy it. They will grow so fast you very quickly risk not enjoying the moment. All the rest can wait, trust me. I made the decision to spend 1,5yrs being constantly together by vanlifing through Europa. Best decision ever. So many good memories. Enjoy what’s coming!

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      Thanks for the advice! Enjoying the moment plus saving the memories are so important! I am already thinking about how to do more photos/videos with the baby :) So exciting!

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    Congrats! 🎉

    2 young kids. Quit my fulltime job when the first one was on the way. It’s challenging at times but amazing to be able to work from home and see them often.

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      Really respect people who can make such a big change to accommodate for their family - kudos to you! What's the biggest challenge that I should be watching out for with babies at home haha?

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        From having a business point of view it’s the fact that the business is always there. A new idea springs to mind, there’s a tough programming problem to solve, shall I run this promotion, etc. It’s difficult to turn off and I sometimes feel guilty that, while yes I’m home, I’m sometimes not a 100% there with them in the moment.

        The challenges of parenthood itself are different for everyone I think, because kids are all unique. I used to think it was nurture over nature but after seeing my daughter being the polar opposite of my son I’m convinced the nurture part is only just a bit of nudging to get them to move in the right direction and nature is in near full control of who they are :)

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    Congrats! I have one and another one on the way. It is so rewarding and I sort of regret I didn't have a child earlier. They bring so much joy and I second @stevenkkim's comment that they grow up so fast.

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      Congrats to you too! 2 kids are a good family size I feel. Can't wait for the joy since I've been in kids education, really love them!!

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    Congrats! Exciting (and sleepless) times ahead. It's a lot of fun – enjoy it as much as possible because they grow up fast! I have three kids between ages 6 and 11.

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      I've heard about the sleepless times... not so ready and try to enjoy these 5 weeks lol!

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    I guess not that many haha!

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