Developers November 19, 2020

Current Technology trends and platforms friendly for idea generation


Hello all,

I've been looking to generate my first product idea and, I'm starting to realize that some of the current platforms like for example Google have limitations on how you can interact with their API. I'll appreciate your inputs on where I can find/read about current technological trends, easy to integrate with platforms, and inspiration for ideas.

My apologies if my question is a little vague.

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    @Lyomann92, haha don't worry, this isn't vague. In fact, it's a great question that's rarely asked.

    I can tell you what worked for me when I started building my product, ruttl.

    A great source to actually find what's trending is to use Feedly. It's a great tool, has mobile application, and once you setup your preferences, you will get excellent content delivered every day (The free version is more than sufficient for your purpose.)

    Hope this was useful to you!

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      Thanks for you insightful response. I'll take a look into the sources that you've provided.

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          Hey, do you have any specific channels you subscribe to on Feedly for tech innovation and inspiration ? It's a lot of feeds on there lol

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            Although no specific source comes to my mind, what I would suggest you is to select the top 30 sources shown to you. Furthermore, probably try visiting the rest of the list one by one and see which content actually matches your interests. That can help you target the right sources!

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