No-Code July 15, 2020

Customer acquisition channels (Poll)

Marc @Contentellect

Hey guys,

I'm interested to hear what your favourite channel is for landing new customers. If you select other, please state in the comments what the channel is.


What's your preferred customer acquisition channel?
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    I'm using multiple channels but somehow LinkedIn is the best for my projects. Putting up most of my content about Virtual Mojito on LinkedIn to target virtual event organizers and participants. Keen to hear your thoughts @Contentellect

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      That's really interesting. Are you posting the content into LI groups, or just on your LI profile? Our number one channel is email outreach using an automated sequence.

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        I use my personal LI profile because I have got the 1st and 2nd-degree connections I need :) Many groups are like zombie groups, low engagement.

        How's your experience with emails so far? Would be great to hear your feedback regarding the passion project I'm running on Substack

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          Thanks for sharing. We use an email automation tool called Gmass. So far it's working out well for us. Thanks for sharing. I'll check it out.

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    I like to use a combo of paid and organic channels. What's working for me right now is SEO and LinkedIn Ads.

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      Thanks for that. I've tried LinkedIn ads but to no avail. Are your ads ROI positive?

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    Oops! Meant to put Email/Blog

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