Cyber Monday deals

Hi all,

Are you offering any Cyber Monday deals?

I thought as Indie Founders / small business owners this might help get the word out of discounts that we are offering.

Here’s mine:
30% off of Kingmailer
Mailgun alternative

Post your link in the comments 👇

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    I'm keeping my 60% off deal for Divjoy running through Monday. Used by a lot of Indie Hackers to build and launch web apps faster.

    I'm also giving a % of today's sales to a good cause, based on the number of retweets this tweet gets. Bit of an experiment, so we'll see how it goes. Would be cool if it reaches 100%.

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      This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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    40% off deal for affiliate recruitment done-for-you service, Promote

    Used by a lot of SaaS and e-commerce business owners to grow their revenue faster.

    Use the coupon code: BLK2020

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    I'm keeping the current discount of over 60% off on ChromeExtensionKit active for a bit longer as well.

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    50% off for www.supermonitoring.com with the following coupon code: BFCM2020

    $105 instead $209 for annual subscription of https://yourbrowser.is/, no code needed

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    33% off any Polypane plan.

    Polypane is a browser for people making websites that helps with responsive design, accessibility and has dozens of tools to help you build better websites and web apps.

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    Hi, do you know anyone who needs help with their job search, interview prep, career growth or break into tech?

    We're offering 50% OFF any of the coaching sessions: https://www.joinlearnable.com/#coaching

    Use code 'CYBERMONDAY', valid till 12/1.

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    I'd like to share this awesome deal to sign up for the GUILD academy for women entrepreneurs. I was part of the first cohort and learned so much. It motivated me to stay on track and make my idea a reality. I launched my business at the end of the academy. I had 0 experience in business or entrepreneurship before. The entire academy experience was totally worth it and I would highly recommend it. The GUILD is a community for women entrepreneurs and personally I found it a great support for all my questions and concerns with launching a business. At the end of the academy there is demo day where finalist startup founders pitch their business for a prize, the most recent one was 20K prize in software development to build your product. The next cohort starts on Jan 17th. This deal ends on 11/30 @11:59pm PST, don't miss out! https://getguilded.typeform.com/to/l00oOi

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    Getting a bunch of feedback from your new Black Friday customers?

    I'm offering 60% off all Noora plans (https://noorahq.com) for the remainder of today. Just use promo code CYBER60 at checkout.

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    Here's our deal:

    One of its kind WordPress security Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal (First time ever)

    • FREE Scan your wordpress site for malware or vulnerabilities, find out if its infected or not - Using our >> AI powered Wordpress malware scanner here
    • Get 40% OFF on malware removal in case its infected. We provide bulletproof security for your wordpress
      -PLUS, you will get FREE secure WP hosting & FREE WP maintenance. Hurry UP Limited seats left. Our deal is valid till 31 DEC 2020.
    • Grab this Deal Here Coupon Code mentioned here
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    We kept our first huge deal for Cyber Monday too!
    Purchase an annual or lifetime Pro access of Motiveex via this link and you will get up to 70% OFF.

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    Use AWS?

    Try billgist.com to stay on top of your AWS bill by getting a daily view of your usage. Check out live demo from the landing page.

    66% off code HOLIDAY0716 redeemable until Nov 30th 11:59 PST (end of the day Monday). Cancel anytime.

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    📙 https://tiny.mba is discounted 30-40%, perfect for gifting (arrives before Christmas). Paperback is $9.99, ebook just six bucks!

    🎁 everything in our digital product store is 40% off https://shop.stackingthebricks.com/?coupon=THANKYOU

    🚀 a rare public 30x500 enrollment, with a $100 discount as part of Teachable's DiscoverFest. Full details here.

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    Offering Start With A Side-Project on Gumroad.
    The story on how I went from building to selling a side project in 3 months.

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    I'm offering 50% off No Code MBA - expires 11:59PM Monday!

    Premium video tutorials + templates + community teaching how to build real apps and websites without code.

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