Daily Stand-up September 25, 2020

Daily Stand Up #1

Michael Needle @mikeneedle

What I thought I'd do today:

Make the demo at www.artwerks.io/demo look pretty.

What I actually did do today:

Work through bugs after deploying recently written code to Heroku. Wrote a few new processes for a feature that should help fix the remaining bug in the demo, but still not done and it's time to call it a day.

  1. 1

    I tried the demo out but after clicking like or dislike I'm met with this error:

    An Unexpected Error Occurred
    An error may have occurred or you may not have access to the page you were attempting to access. Please try again later or contact customer support. Click here to continue."

    I know you're just getting the demo up but since you don't have automatic domain forwarding for ssl to force users to your https address, clicking on the above links takes users to http://www.artwerks.io/demo

    1. 2

      @most so still working on the SSL forwarding BUT if you want to check it out again there should be an actual working demo. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. 1

    Edit: spent another 15 minutes to figure out the final(?) bug, and it looks like I have the start of a working demo.

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