Daily Stand-up March 9, 2020

Daily Standup 03/09/2020

Ying Wang @yingw787

DATE: March 9th, 2020

What will you accomplish by end of March?

  • Finish and launch MVP of TinyDevCRM
  • Hopefully go a lot further than just shipping an MVP of a webapp

What did you do yesterday to work towards your goal?

  • Absolutely nothing...

What will you do today?

  • Ask Django REST Framework community about how to properly namespace versioned APIs
  • Get mobile responsiveness for the dashboard route up and running
  • Ship a backend to AWS Elastic Beanstalk and get the full authentication pipeline working in production by the end of the day
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    1:12AM ET

    RescueTime statistics: 9h 33m (80% productive, 4h "software development" probably closer to three hours)

    Banged my head against the wall trying to debug AWS Elastic Beanstalk tutorial, and haven't been able to get a successful deployment of my backend up and running, which has been immensely frustrating. I'll work through a tutorial on deploying a basic Django application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk first, then see whether I can add SSH credentials and go into the EC2 instance to see why the WSGI file isn't being picked up.