Data Pipelining (yep, more tech talent needed!!)

Hi everyone!

I've co-founded a few products, and am now working on a fascinating aspect of the Machine Learning space: data preparation. My partner (background in ML) and I want to vastly simplify the lives of ML engineers who routinely work on large data sets prior to establishing models.

That said, we have been speaking to tons of ML-driven companies ("customer validation") and are validating the depth of the pain/time that goes into the process today.

SO! We are eager to add a third co-founder to our team. We are looking for someone who is

A.) Highly technical (software engineer) with ML experience
B.) Hustler: you have that itch to produce something special
C.) Builder: you can code and lead a team of devs

Sound interesting? If so, hit me up and we can chat :) Thanks in advance for your consideration.


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    Could you elaborate on what you mean by "data preparation"? Are you building a service for companies to do ETL/ELT workloads? Or is it data sanitation once the data is already in a common place like a data lake?

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    Hello, I am excited by what ml and the right training data can do.

    A.) Highly technical. Developed and managed projects for Fortune 500 companies as technical team lead and product manager.

    Some data related projects include:

    1. Extract data automatically (no selectors, no rules) from web pages (product, articles, real estate, jobs) using NLP and computer vision.
    2. Price tracking scraping billions of web pages.
    3. Large scale event processing 5.2 B events / day ($30 daily budget)
    4. Generate highly complex accounting reports in Excel (formulas, charts) from data silos
    5. Data processing 2TB+ data

    B.) Hustler:

    1. Always learning, always finding ways to improve products, to outcompete and innovate. At my last company I've slashed around 42% of costs by rewriting some microservices, automating things and removing redundant costs.

    C.) Builder
    Fast Quality Code shipper cross languages (Python, Go, PHP, Nodejs). Eg. Completely rewrote a 40K lines microservice to a 12.2K while improving performance 8x. Production ready in 2 weeks.

    Where can we discuss further?

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      Actually - I have no idea if this site offers DMs. ha - any idea how to connect 1:1? Looks like you are new to this platform too, but hoping you see something I don't!

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        This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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      Love it! I am going to DM you - let's coordinate a time to discuss.

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        Hei you can ping me at [email protected]. I can provide further details like any references, complete experience, .etc. Also, I am open to any assignment to test my skills and drive before we get into the project. I am hungry and ready to hustle.

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